1. This contract/agreement is made this day:,
____/____/_____ between WATSON INVESTIGATION by its
officer or representative,
_______________________________________________ and
Client: ___________________________________________
Located at:
who come before us requesting assistance in this case
under the general heading of
and described
Case#: ______________________, Concerning:

2. In exchange for services rendered by WATSON
INVESTIGATION, above client agrees to the following
terms of retainer and payment: Advance retainer in the
amount of $_____________ payable by cash, check, M.O. .
Base rate = $________ per_______ and $____/mile, plus
applicable, pertinent, and necessary expenses paid on
client’s behalf.
Payment of balance detailed as follows:

Amount: $ ________________________________
In the event the total value of investigative services
and expenses exceed the stated retainer, client agrees
to pay the total amount owed. The unused portion of the
retainer is refundable unless client violates paragraph
3 of this contract. Client will make additional
payments toward the fees and expenses when requested.
Responsibility to provide investigative services will
be accepted and work will begin when the retainer
amount is paid in full. We reserve the right to cease
all work after the retainer has been depleted if client
does not make payments requested by WATSON
WATSON INVESTIGATION is authorized to employ other
persons or firms deemed necessary for the proper
handling of this matter at clients expense, but will
not obligate client for any expense in excess of
$_______________ without client’s prior approval.
Expenses are defined as: Mileage billable at .40 per
mile, long distance charges, copy, fax, database search
fees and other out of pocket expenses will be billed as
such. State sales tax is billed as an additional cost.

3. This agreement binds WATSON INVESTIGATION and the
client to confidentiality. We will discuss the case
with no one but the client and individuals privileged
to the case as specified by client or by law. The
client also agrees to discuss the case with no one but
the investigator and the client’s attorney.

4. The client understands and acknowledges that WATSON
INVESTIGATION offers no guarantee on the outcome of the
case or the existence of pertinent information. WATSON
INVESTIGATION only guarantees that the necessary
information, documentation, etc. will be searched for
diligently, legally, expediently, and as economically
as possible. Client agrees to indemnify and hold
harmless for the misuse by client of any work product
legally obtained in this investigation.

5. Client further understands and acknowledges that
WATSON INVESTIGATION offers no guarantee on the
validity of information provided by public documents,
or outside vendors.

6. WATSON INVESTIGATION licensed by the Texas Board of
Private Security P.O. Box 13509 Capital Station,
Austin, TX 78711 (512) 463-5545.

Client: ______________________________________
Date: ___/___/___
Agent: ______________________________________
Date: ___/___/___

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